Client Feedback

To be honest I’m so glad this service was available to me as I don’t know what I’d of done without their help and support. I have been working with mee for a couple of months now and I still have a long road ahead of myself but they have made me see a little hole at the end of that huge tunnel. They are there for me 24/7 and I was so grateful there was actually someone out there to help me. This service is outstanding and my worker is so approachable and caring which makes things that little easier to talk about. I thought I was alone and after 10 year of thinking no one could help me I was taken on with Mee and will be forever grateful.

This is a excellent service that deals with all sorts of trauma, I normally don’t open up to anyone but I felt relaxed enough to share some of my experiences knowing there was no judgement. I felt listened too which made me relax enough to let out some or my childhood traumas, she also supported me through some situations that needed to happen for me to be able to move on and I’m very thankful for this service, they are doing a amazing job. Thanks very much for the support its really appreciated.

The staff are lovely and offer support when you need it. if you have a personal issue and need help they help you sort out the issue. They won’t sort them for you but they will support you to help sort things yourself.

I have found the MEE service vital as it fills a needs gap which the local Community Mental Health Team has refused to address. I had been on an 18-month waiting list on the NHS for therapy up to November 2021, after the NHS took an extra 6 months to process the referral I made in April 2022. The therapy the NHS is offering me is a \”skills-based\” therapy, which does not address the root cause of my mental health issues and is simply a band-aid solution. The NHS has refused to provide me with any alternatives. On the other hand, Making Everyone Equal spoke to me as a human being, swiftly arranging a face-to-face appointment. I told the staff about my adverse childhood experiences, as well as my difficulties with CBT and DBT, and they offered me trauma therapy to address the root cause of my mental health issues, exactly what I needed, without me having to argue tooth-and-nail for it. Staff at MEE were kind, understanding and did not judge me. Making Everyone Equal is the best third sector service in West Cumbria for somebody with complex mental issues such as myself.

 I experienced a quick response from my referral. Clear & informative information was provided on what to expect from the service, including any safeguarding concerns that would be acted upon with relevant agencies if necessary. The room is a relaxed, private atmosphere where I feel comfortable discussing my issues. The professional I have been working with is pleasant, friendly, calming & knowledgeable & talks to me in a way I can understand. This has helped me to build a trusting relationship which I often find a challenge. I have found I have been able to openly share past & present issues that continue to impact on my day to day living. I have been provided with & shown new strategies to help me when I feel overwhelmed & unable to cope & given the understanding of why & when to use them. For a long time I have lived with no hope for the future, however in the short time that I have received a service I feel I am listened to & that there is something to live for.

1 to 1 person centred approach therapy.

How would describe our service?: Incredible, I have been in and out of services for many years and haven’t experienced one like this before. The person centred approach whilst maintain professionalism is amazing I feel heard, important and most of all I feel recovery is possible. I feel valued with everything I mention regardless of what it is – I always receive advice guidance and support to help me recover and live my life with strength and encouragement and also learning to believe in myself and my future, hopes and dreams.

Professional Feedback

I have recently visited MEE to speak to Rebecca and gain more information on what the service has to offer. Rebecca was warm and welcoming and she shared information about the services offered through MEE.

How would describe our service?: The service is well needed in the area and can offer a wide variety of tailor made support for their service users.

1 to 1 support I have been receiving support from Making Everyone Equal since January. I feel the service is very professional and I was seen quickly. The 1 to 1 support that I’m on provides me space to talk about not only my past trauma but what I am going through at the moment. I appreciate this and find it extremely useful to be able to check in weekly. I am offered the support by phone and can meet in person when the time is right, this is very important to me as I struggle to attend sessions due to my anxiety so being able to first speak over the phone allows me to feel comfortable and get over my initial worries. My 1 to 1 support is with Aishea. I find her extremely helpful and supportive. She listens to me well and is able to give me advice and encouragement when opening up about my trauma. My past experiences of therapy have been quite negative but working with Aishea has been very positive and I feel seen and heard. Although the content of sessions are hard I do not find myself dreading them as I feel safe to open up and come away feeling like I have been given useful information to help me get better.

I have previously worked with Rebecca through over agencies including wow and safety net she is so thorough she works with you she listens more than anyone has ever listened in my whole entire life she remembers every detail of everything you tell her it makes you feel like you’re actually being heard believed which after years of emotional physical and sexual abuse you often don’t believe your being believed or heard. I have tried First Steps numerous doctors over agencies psychiatrists I have never received this level of care dedication and love to help me through everything I have endured had to survive on my own through my life.  Rebecca and her team offer what no one else does and that is Hope healing and love and to be heard it’s such a powerful thing on the road to recovery and self-healing.  we are doing inner child work at the moment and it is very hard to go through but  talking about things that have happened in the  past and getting to the root of the problem is paying off for me without working with Rebecca I wouldn’t be where I am to do without her.

I just wanted to express how greatful I am for the Mee services you are providing me. I have struggled for a long time with my mental health and have worked with the cmht in my area and I working one to one with Rebecca has just been so much more helpful. She really understands and is is so empathetic towards myself, I also feel that I am able to be completely honest with her without fearing any kind of judgement. Rebecca is able to help me understand my thoughts and feeings surrounding past abuse and help me to realise that it was not my fault as I do carry a lot of guilt but Rebecca helps me unload that little bits at a time.

The groups that they have are so supportive they put so much effort into everything they do and to loose this service I belive would be so hard for lots of women (and men).

Thank you for everything you do!   

Which services have accessed?: 1:1 Support

How would describe our service?: As a professional, working in Mental Health Recovery, I referred a client to yourselves for 1:1 support. This client had complex needs, was isolated and had no hope. From my initial discussion with yourselves, referral and subsequent visit with the client, your professionalism and knowledge of Trauma was outstanding. My client decided after the first session that they would like to engage with you on a 1:1 basis. This client has gone on to volunteer in the community and now has hope. Your service is unique in that you support clients at point of crisis which is when the support is needed

Which services have accessed?: Adult Social Care refer into this service

How would describe our service?: I work for Local Authority as a Social Worker in Long Term Adults Team. MEE is a service to which I have referred several of my clients who are experiencing emotional trauma. These are individuals who are resistant to main stream services. This is because of the impact upon them from various life experiences. Some use alcohol as a means of soothing the pain caused by trauma. One of my clients took to her bed despite physiotherapy being optimistic that mobility could be improved. In West Cumbria I do not know of any other services who will attempt to engage the individual to explore ways of self-help in the way MEE does. I feel this is a valuable service in the North West and hope this service can continue supporting those who need it.

Which services have accessed?: Mental health, trauma

How would describe our service?: Absolutely outstanding, without people like Rebecca todd and Aisha and other genuine rare individuals there would be no support for people like myself experiencing trauma, mental health and dual diagnosis. They seriously save life\’s and in my personal opinion the police and crisis team should be ashamed. They should also take a step back and look at these angels whom bring those in the pit of darkness and despair into the light and see themselves as survivors not victims. Again without such charities there is nothing. I have nothing but respect and admiration for these people whom are truly sent from heaven to help those in desperate need. Not to be judged, stimagamtized or feel that in anyway there alone.

Which services have accessed?: Relax, rewind, refocus workshop

How would describe our service?: Absolutely amazing, could not fault a single thing . Everything exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to attend the next one (: